M35 + NGC 2158 – 14 March 2015

I decided to revisit M35 (+ NGC 2158) and collect more data and see if I could get more out of it through Processing, despite the Light polution.

Esprit 120 and unmodded Canon 400D. No (LP) filters. 20x 180s ISO800 + 12 x 300s ISO800. Stacked in DSS and processed in Photoshop.


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M42 – 13 March 2015

With a Lucky couple of Clear Nights, I decided to continue imaging With my old unmodded Canon 400D, for the fun of it and see how far I can go with the inevitable light polution and Limited data.

Esprit 120 with Canon 400D.  6 x 120s ISO800. Stacked in DSS and processed in Photoshop.



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M35 – 11 March 2015

I have done some white light solar imaging so far. Have the Quark Chromosphere on the way for Ha sun. Did a trial on the moon.

So what is left? Last night I decided to try my first long exposure imaging with the Esprit 120. Putting the scope’s optics to the test, using my old (unmodded) Canon 400D camera, without light polution filter. The Scope came with the necessary adapters, but no flattener.

Guiding with QHY5L-II camera in PHD2. Taking 6 x 120s exposures at ISO800 in APT. Stacking done in DSS, with some quick processing in Photoshop.

Without any light polution filter and the old unmodded Canon 400D (without live view), I am quite pleased with this early result.


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