Sun in Ha – 1 April 2015

The sun is putting up quite a display this morning. Tho, the seeing conditions are dreadful, can’t get almost any worse than this. ( 2 / 10 or so )

I almost gave up trying to image, due it being almost impossible getting any focus. So after getting a bunch of mediocre avi’s, I tried to stack and process them as best as I could.
As the view through the Eyepiece was so impressive, only through stiching the stacked images together would do this view justice.
So today, I tried my first attempt at stiching in Photoshop. It took some effort, as the image brightness was not the same of each stacked image, so took some teeth grinding in Photoshop to correct it as best as possible.

SW Esprit 120 + Quark Chromosphere + TS 0.5 reducer + QHY5L-IIc . Two seperate AVI’s Stacked in Autostakkert, two images stiched and processed in Photoshop to produce this Panoroma splendour of the Sun’s Eastern limb. Zoom out for full size. Enjoy!



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Sun in Ha – 31 March 2015

Today there was a bit of thin cloud and some Wind. Seeing conditions were pretty bad ( 3 / 10), making focusing very difficult. Lot of recorded frames had to be discarded.

With that out of the way. The sun put up a magnificent show today, With some fantastic activity on the eastern limb. Large prominences all over!

SW Esprit 120 + Quark Chromosphere + TS 0,5 reducer + QHY5L-IIc. Stacked in Autostakkert, processed in Photoshop.

In the morning I captured this large prominence on the North Eastern limb.


In the afternoon I captured it again, to show the change in structure over time.


This prominence I captured on the South Eastern limb in the morning, close to AR2305.


And last but not least a surface shot of the area around AR2305. Due to the bad seeing conditions, I had to apply an inverted filter to make something out of it and show some detail.


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Reprocess of the Loop prominence AR 2303 / 2309 – 29 March 2015

I was Lucky yesterday to Catch this loop prominence, which didn’t last long and faded away quickly.

It was very faint, so I had to push the gain quite high to make it visible. Here a color camera really shows it’s downsides. This ofcourse causes negative effects, as can be seen in the original stacked only frame here.


This morning, I decided to reprocess the original stacked only frame again. I applied an inverted filter, did some careful stretching and played around with the color channel sliders in BW mode to reduce the high gain effects to a minimum and was so able to squeeze out much more detail than I thought I could.

This is the final image from yesterday’s loop prominence in the AR2303 / 2309 region.


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Sun in Ha – 29 March 2015

Today was another Lucky day with a few hours of clear sky between the clouds.

Seeing wasn’t as good as yesterday, but there was some great activity on the sun. A big loop prominence originating from AR 2303 for and another large prominence on the other side of the sun. It was an impressive sight!

SW Esprit 120 + Quark Chromosphere + QHY5L-IIc + TS 0,5 focal reducer.

First, the impressive loop prominence. I had to push up the gain quite high to catch it, as it was rather faint. So had to darken out the surface to highlight this fantastic prominence.


And here with surface detail.


Later I recorded the same area again, with more fantastic prominence activity from AR2303 and 2309. First the inverted filter version. I like this one the best.


And the original version with surface detail.


And last but not least. The large prominence on the other side of the sun.


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Sun in Ha – 28 March 2015

My new diagonal ( TeleVue 2″ Everbright + Satin finish) arrived earlier in the week, but the weather had been terrible (snowstorm and all).

But today, totally unexpected the sky cleared for a couple hours and presented me with some of the best views I had so far with the Quark.

Seeing conditions were okay’ish ( 5 / 10 or so ), bit wind and some thin haze / cloud, but overall not too bad at all.

Imaging wise, the new TV diagonal on my Esprit 120 + Quark + QHY5L-IIc + TS 0,5 reducer, this day was definitely the best so far!

Large Prominence:


Sunspot AR2305:


Sunspot AR2305 with inverted filter:


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Sun in Ha – 23 March 2015

Seeing wasn’t much better today. Lot of wind, causing much shaking during recording. So lots of frames were unusable.

SW Esprit 120 + Daystar Quark Chromosphere + QHY5L-IIc (with TS 0,5x reducer). Stacked in Autostakkert 2.5 and processed in Photoshop. Sunspot is AR 2305.

First I post the invert filter applied to the image. Giving best result, compensating a bit for the bad seeing conditions.


And below original processed without invert filter.


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Sun in Ha (Hydrogen Alpha) – 21 March 2015

Today I had a first light with the DayStar Quark Chromosphere and managed catch this wondeful Prominence on the limb of the sun.

The Quark is fantastic so far. It’s giving me wonderful views of the Sun in Ha (Hydrogen Alpha).

Seeing was about average, with difficulty keeping focus. I recorded 1000 frames with the QHY5L-IIc (with TS 0,5x focal reducer), stacked it in AutoStakkert! 2.5 and processed it in Photoshop CC.

I am very happy with my first attempt at imaging in Ha, with no sign of the dreaded newton rings (yet! <knock on wood>).



Update: Later in afternoon I had another go, to try capture some surface details, but the seeing conditions had turned so bad it was impossible to get anything decent.

I did however managed to get another go on a prominence on the limb.



Update 2: Decided to try process the surface AVI as best as I could. Had to process very heavily to get anything decent out of it. Seeing conditions were absolutely horrible at the time, impossible to get good focus. ( It’s showing a bit of vertical line artifacts, but they will dissapear when you click to enlarge )


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Solar White Light – 11 March 2015

I still had some AVI files to process from the sun in white light from 11th of march, as I have problems with Avistack2.

Today I finally managed to process this AVI and stack it in Autostakkert. First time I use it. Then final Processing in Photoshop.

The seeing conditions were terrible that day, but luckily I managed to at least capture some good frames to produce this final image of Sunspot AR2297.


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Solar White Light – 8 June 2014

Today seeing conditions were a bit better, around average.

First is a capture of the Sunspot Group AR 2077, 2079, 2080, 2082 and 2085:

Sunspot Group - 8 June 2014

Then I did two Close ups. First Sunspot AR 2082:

AR 2082 - 8 June 2014

And then Sunspots AR2080 and 2085:

AR 2080, 2085 - 8 June 2014

I am especially satisfied with the close up of AR 2082, which managed to reveal some better detail due to a fleeting moment of better seeing.


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First Light with the SkyWatcher Esprit 120 and Baader Herschel Wedge.

First light with my new setup. SkyWatcher Esprit 120ED Pro and Baader Herschel Wedge.

Seeing conditions were bad to moderate.

First is Sunspot AR2077, when seeing conditions were pretty bad:

AR2077 - 2 June 2014

Then seeing conditions improved a little. Sunspot AR2079:

AR2079 - 2 June 2014

So I am pleased with the first results. Cannot wait for better seeing conditions and see what this setup can do at maximum performance.

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